Moderne Playing Cards


Moderne Playing Cards will be relaunched on Kickstarter in 2016. The custom deck will be a poker set with a Gold and a Silver deck.

Moderne Playing Cards will be printed by The Expert Playing Card Company. This custom deck will feature metallic gold and silver ink on the front and backs of the cards as well as the tuck box. The tuck box will also be embossed on the front, back and sides.

The title of this custom deck comes from the term Art Moderne, which is another name for Art Deco. This Art Deco styled deck features custom design and illustration on every card.

The Court Cards and Jokers feature custom art deco styled illustration.  The design of the cards retain the classic elements of modern English playing cards like a Suicide King, a One-eyed King, and One-eyed Jacks. There are also traditional details like scepters, flowers, leaves, and an orb. The weapons held by the Jacks and Kings are influenced by early French playing cards from the 16th century.

The Spot or Number cards feature the gold and silver art deco border on all of the card fronts, which is integrated with the pips for a unique design.

Moderne Art Deco Playing Cards are now available on Kickstarter. You can view the campaign HERE.

 Moderne Tuck Box revised 800px The Moderne Tuck Box front and back (the custom seal is shown on the back facing box)

Card Back large viewThe Card Back

Revised Ace of Spades 800pxThe Ace of Spades

Moderne AcesThe other Aces

Moderne Spade CourtsThe Spade Court Cards

Moderne Diamond CourtsThe Diamond Court Cards

Moderne Club CourtsThe Club Court Cards

Moderne Heart CourtsThe Heart Court Cards

Moderne Spot CardsSome sample Spot Cards

Moderne JokersThe Jokers

Moderne uncut sheetThe Uncut Sheet