Design Process


Card Back Design and Illustration

The back design began with my effort to find the simplest geometric pattern that would contain the shape of all four suits. The pattern I created is used in the design for the card backs, the tuck box, the Ace of Spades, and the other aces.

Moderne sketchesThe back pattern from sketch to pencil drawing to vector art

Moderne Pattern constructionThe back pattern was used to create the aces

Card Back large viewEnlarged view of the Card Back

Face Card Illustration

Art deco sculpture, art, and illustration of people is characterized by the use of simple geometric shapes to create an ideally proportioned figure. All of the Face Cards and the Jokers in this custom deck were illustrated using only circles and straight lines.

King of Spades eye constructionIllustration showing the construction of the eye for the King of Spades

King of Spades largeEnlarged view of the King of Spades